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DGPS Survey

DGPS Control Points
Control Points: These are carried out to establish networks of points called Control Points or Control Stations. These points can be used for the subsequent measurements that are to be recorded at the site establishing the control points calls for the highest precision, as this will have direct bearing on the accuracy of the final survey to be carried out at the project site.
Land Surveying:. It enables larger surveys to be performed by a one-man crew with minimal moves and less operational downtime. Embedded monitoring, diagnostics and quality-control tools help make certain the job is done correctly while still in the field, further ensuring that no time is wasted.
The advantages of our solutions
Fast resource deployment to the field and high accuracy and performance for quick project completion in a short period of time. Compared with traditional survey methods, the use of DGPS allows gaining of more than 50% of time in the field and in the office.
High accuracy: The DGPS provides accuracy up to 2 cm, for horizontal X, Y coordinates as well vertical Z elevation value. Data also provided in RINEX format.
Absolute positioning for easy mapping integration: The DGPS surveys allows capturing of geographic coordinates values in the World Geodetic System 1984, or any other projection, for seamless integration to a Geographic Information System. The data captured can be directly overlaid to satellite imagery, GIS features, etc.

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