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Road, Rail, Canal Survey

The Road/Railways Alignment survey consists of following:
Physical inspection to collect information. The information collected will show broadly the following details, short distance based on kilometer basis
  • Nature of soil and rock (normal / medium / hard)
  • Road crossing (main roads > 10m; side roads < 10m). It will also show the type of road i.e. asphalt, concrete etc.
  • Type of footpath i.e. murrum / asphalt and concrete / tile.
  • Number and nature of river crossings i.e. >50m or < 50m. It will also give details of some description of method to be adopted for such river crossings.
  • The type of canal / culvert crossing and methods of crossing the same.
  • Rail crossings and likely places of crossings.
  • Hill features.
  • Trees density - to indicate whether the route can undertake straight route or some diversions are necessary to avoid tree cuttings.
  • City and inhabited areas.
  • Roadside buildings, built-up areas likely to be encountered along the road.
  • The survey will indicate the names of villages and towns, which fall along the way.
  • The survey will indicate the likely agencies involved for granting statutory ROW permissions.
  • Government installations.
  • Pipelines.
  • Proximity to Point of Interconnect.
Investigations of Existing fiber and copper routes
General survey observations and comments
Overall site plan (drawing with major landmarks for location purposes)
  • Photographs of route from cardinal directions for all paths

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