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Supervision & Quality Control

We and contractor are both responsible for ensuring that the work is carried out to acceptable standards and in accordance with the approved plans and contract documentation. We are responsible for ensuring that any work carried out by Contractor is to an acceptable standard.
Regular contact and discussions should happen between us and contractor as this allows for problems to be discussed and addressed as, and if, they arise.
Currently we are doing Supervision & Quality Control for Lower Goi Dam Project for Narmada Valley Development Authority and Yashwant Sagar Project for Indore Municipal Corporation.
CSSPLis responsible exclusively to the client and acts in the client's interests at every stage of the project. The CSSPL offers advice, uncolored by any conflicting interest, on matters such as:
    * Optimum use of available funds.
    * Control of the scope of the work.
    * Project scheduling.
    * Optimum use of design and construction firms' skills and talents.
    * Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes.
    * Enhancing project design and construction quality.
    * Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement.
    * Cash flow Management.
Where you find us.
    * Survey and Site Investigation.
    * Quality Assessment and tendering.
    * Planning and Designing.
    * Site Layout.
    * Execution Of work as per client's requirement.
    * Quality Control & safety Measurement.
    * Inventory Control, Material reconsideration.
    * Billing.
    * Daily reporting.
    * Closer of contract.

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